Lazy Dog Utilities
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ipInterceptor 2.1.10
HttpTracer 3.0.6
DbEqualizer 1.2
DbStatMan 1.1.3
The Lazy Dog
TravelStats for iPhone
TravelStats - iPhone Application for tracking where you have been, how far you have traveled, and how you got there. TravelStats will produces stats by city, by trip, by time period and the type of travel. Available on iPhone and iPad. View in iTunes
Zip Liner for iPhone
Zip Liner - iPhone Application for Zip Line riders. Zip Liner will track speed, altitude, and show an animated map of your path when riding a zipline. It can also take pictures and record videos if you strap your phone to your chest using a harness such as one made by bäkbord. Available on iPhone and iPad. View in iTunes
Run Trax for iPhone
Run Trax - Use your iPhone to track and map your running activities. See statistics and an animated map of your run. Run Trax will automatically calculate either mile or kilometer splits. View a map showing all of the different locations you have run. View in iTunes
SpinOmeter for iPhone
SpinOmeter - Use this application to see how fast you are spinning the next time you go on some spin type ride at an amusement park, ride a merry-go-round at the park, or just sit on a chair and spin around for fun. This application will measure how fast you spin and how many times you spun around.

Application has a tachometer which shows revolutions per minute and a digital readout for counting rotations.

All rides are saved so you can replay them after the ride is over. All rides are also mapped so you can track the times and locations of all your spinning activity. The map shows satellite photography so you can see the actual ride for all outdoor rides.

View in iTunes
Race Trax for iPhone
Race Trax - Track,trace and map any type of track racing with your iPhone. Race Trax uses the GPS on your iPhone to trace your races. See stats and an animated map of any kind of track racing. The application was specifically designed for Go Karts but will work with any kind of race, including: motorcycle, cars, horse racing, bike, motor cross or any kind of racing on a track. View in iTunes
Air Trax for iPhone
Air Trax - This application is for anyone who hang glides, para-glides, para-sails or takes flight in any open air flying vehicle. Air Trax tracks location, speed, distance, and altitude. See stats and an animated map of the flight. Automatically take pictures or record videos from your phone using a harness such as one made by bäkbord. View in iTunes
Balloon Trax for iPhone
Balloon Trax - Take this application with you the next time you go up in a Hot Air Balloon so you can track and map the flight. Balloon Trax uses the GPS on your iPhone to track location, speed, distance, and altitude. See stats and an animated map of the flight. View in iTunes
Zorb Trax for iPhone
Zorb Trax - Use your iPhone to track, map and gets stats on your next Zorb ride. Zorb Trax records speed, altitude and rate of spin. View an animated map with speedometer and tachometer. View in iTunes
CoasterRider for iPhone
CoasterRider - iPhone Application for tracking your Roller Coaster rides. CoasterRider uses the GPS on your iPhone to trace every twist, turn, and drop you take on a Roller Coaster. Show an animated map that traces your ride. View the ride route, elevation, speed, and distance for each ride. Keep a history of all the rides and parks you have visited. View in iTunes
Lightning Locator for iPhone
Lightning Locator - iPhone Application for mapping out the distance to lightning strikes. Click the Lightning button when you see the flash. Then click the Thunder button when you hear the thunder. Lightning Locator will draw a circle approximating the distance to the strike.
Lightning Locator can be downloaded to your iPhone from iTunes. Search for Title: Lightning Locator or Developer: Lazy Dog Utilities. View in App Store
Note: Lightning Locator approximates distance to a lightning strike after the fact. It does not predict where the next strike will occur. Always move to a safe location in the event of a lightning storm.
MyVitals for iPhone and Windows Mobile
MyVitals - Store important medical, emergency contact, insurance and physician informtion on your iPhone or Windows Mobile device. Heart Shaped icon with the words MyVitals gives you or your health care provider quick access to information that can be used in the case of emergency. Great for you or your children. Search for MyVitals on iPhone or Windows Mobile device. View in App Store
Flying Saucer Attack for iPhone and iPOD Touch
Drive a truck and shoot down enemy flying saucers. Watch out for bombs from above, and you will have to jump over low flying missles. Shoot down 50 flying saucers to move up a level. 10 different background images from NASA enhance the look of this simple game. View in App Store
Sub Sandwich Hunter Game for iPhone and iPOD Touch
Drop meatballs from a paper boat on submarines shaped like sub sandwiches. Sink 50 subs to beat each level. Watch out for surface subs and exploding bubbles. Simple arcade game for kids and anyone who likes submarine games. View in App Store
BigMsg for iPhone and iPOD Touch
Create a banner message using multiple iPhones and a WIFI network. Scroll or flash messages across multiple iPhones or iPOD Touch devices to produce a message that can be seen across the room, in a store front or on a booth at a conference. View in App Store