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HttpTracer - Web Tracing Utility
  • Any Windows Platform.
  • Any Browser that allows for Proxy Configuration (all browsers).
  • Unzip
  • Double-click (or execute) httptracer.exe
  • Note HttpTracer Address and Port. The default settings are generally valid settings. See Proxy settings below.
HttpTracer Setup
  • HttpTracer runs as a proxy server. Before you can use it, you need to set your browser to use HttpTracer and your local workstation IP address as a Proxy.
  • In IE, you would select Tools / Internet Options / Connections / Lan Settings.
  • Take note of the current settings!!! You will need to set the values back when you are not using HttpTracer.
  • Set the values as you see below.
IE Proxy Setup
This is a typical setup. You can use LOCALHOST or your workstation's IP address. If you want to use LOCALHOST, you will need to have the following entry in:

c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file: localhost

or find your IP Address using IPCONFIG -ALL on the command line.
  • The settings for other browsers are nearly the same.
  • You will probably to clear the cache in your browser so that you can see the results without the benifits of cached items.
  • You can now go to the differnt tabs to see trace Http commands.
  • Use the refresh button on the List Tab to see request/response pairs.
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